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 Pineapple Shortcake
 Pineapple Shortcake 無蛋新口感,採用道地大樹土鳳梨,去皮之後,以長時間熬煮,不另外添加冬瓜及冬瓜餡。烹煮過程,亦不加任何色素香料,以自然、健康為訴求。酥脆的外皮及綿密飽滿的內餡,滿足全素食者對甜點的渴望。   Eggs Free!! Low Gluten!! Fillings Unbleached!! Eggs free for a new taste. Genuine pineapple from Dashu and after peeling, cooked the fillings for a long time.There’s no a
Pumpkin Seed Biscuits-can packing
Pumpkin Seed Biscuits 全程手工製作,口感香脆 , 使用 100% 天然食材,由一顆顆形狀完整南瓜子覆蓋而成 , 保有南瓜子的營養和自然清香 , 咬一口就有滿滿的香氣 。 不添加任何人工色素和防腐劑等添加物,用低溫烘烤至金黃色澤,輕 、 薄 、 脆的滋味,手作的用心,吃得到 。 Pumpkin Seed Biscuit, which is handmade and no preservatives or any other artificial coloring. They are simply delicious a
Almond Biscuits-can packing
Almond Biscuits 特地由加洲進口杏仁,不添加花生片。手工精心烘焙而成。在製作過程中並加入澳洲植物油,低溫烘焙的方式將杏仁的香味烤出,入口酥脆,香濃不膩。 Handmade truly with imported almondbeans only, adding no slice of peanut. Baked at low temperature for you to getthe perfect fragrance of almond beans. Crispy and crunchy, these almondbiscuits are lo

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