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Almond Biscuit-can packing
Almond Biscuit-bag packing
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Wan Wan Chan-can packing
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Wan Wan Chan-can packing

Wan Wan Chuan Not only the crispy crunch and rich pineapple filling you can taste,but also the fragrance of tea. Low fat, eggs free,a nd truly one bite at a time. 產品規格Specification:3串/罐(5.3 cm*5.3 cm*15 cm) 每箱入數 Quantity/ctn:40罐/箱 保存期限Shelf Life:120 days 外箱長 Length:48cm 外箱寬 Wide: 31cm 外箱高He

Pumpkin Seed Biscuits-Gluten Free

Pumpkin Seed Biscuit, which is handmade and no preservatives. Zero wheat starch helps you being far away from gluten sensitivity. We also use natural ingredients: an excellent imported New Zealand butter and nutritious pumpkin seeds, which is sweet in flavor and mild in nature. Baked at low temperat

JiaFeng Sandwich Cookies-can packing

JiaFeng Sandwich Cookies Classic crackers, Ritz crackers, go with Taiwanese local unbleached Dashu pineapple fillings. Surprisingly, no worry about the crackers go soggy, it is still really yummy. Specification:250g/can Quantity/ctn:24 cans Shelf Life:90days Length:48cm Wide: 31cm Height